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Kentucky Home

KENTUCKY HOME I pulled the car seat as close to the steering wheel as it would go. That old Ford jerked and shuddered as I drove away. I had no idea how to get to Kentucky. I just knew it was somewhere to the east. Turning my back on Ontario and all the misery I’d…

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Tumbling down

Crystal champagne flutes clinked amid conversation on the terrace of the country club where lights twinkled in the trees. We’d taken Luann’s parents to dinner where, following a round of toasts, my mother-in-law slipped her arm around me.“I’m so proud of you,” she said. I smiled, but in truth I almost passed out.“That means a…

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The Answer To Everything

StevieRay Hansen - A Long Journey Home

I bought a pretty little ranch near Chino, California and continued working in the oil business with Robert. D’Angelo still wanted Luann back. Maybe he thought that control, manipulation and terror tactics were romantic. I had no idea. I couldn’t figure out how he thought anything he was doing would endear himself to her. Of…

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I pulled up next to the cruiser and rolled down my window. When she looked up at me I said two words. “You’re leaving.” I drove home and started boxing her belongings. She walked in the door looking like a kid who’d been caught with her hand in the candy jar. “This is best,” she…

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Luann crept into the girls’ room to check on them while I turned off the lights and made sure the doors were locked. Then I dropped into my favorite chair and let out a long sigh. My mind was swimming. Looking around the house, a part of me was stunned that Luann was willing to…

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Then There Were Four

A Long Journey Home book cover

Sun glinted off the highway ahead of us on the long drive from Nevada back to Texas. I figured the last place they’d expect us to go was back there. I couldn’t go back to Victoria to get anything, so I leaned on everybody I knew for money. Even friends from our old neighborhood helped…

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Don’t Mix with the Mob

I came home from work one afternoon and saw a tan Mercedes sitting next to Luann’s in the driveway. I parked my pickup on the street and got out. Three men walked up to me. All three wore suits, Rolex watches and expensive Italian shoes polished to a high gloss. I’d seen pictures and recognized…

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God Can Vanquish Your Enemies

Psalm 143:12 (KJVA) And of thy mercy cut off mine enemies , and destroy all them that afflict my soul: for I am thy servant. Jesus taught his disciples to respond to enemies in unexpected ways—ways that sometimes “disarm” them. “If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also; and if anyone…

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