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Worldly pleasures

Your Journey

A brisk wind pushed me down the slope as I walked around the Lazy H and inspected the changes that would transform a church camp into a home for young adults. If felt good to be doing something to help kids without a family support system. I sat on a boulder overlooking a creek and…

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Giving Back

“I want to start an orphanage,” I told Laura over dinner one evening. “Not necessarily an orphanage, but something like that.”“That’s real hard, Honey,” Laura replied. “Let’s just give to them.”That didn’t seem like enough to me. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened to me without Buck and the other cowboys who…

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God’s Plan or Your Plan

God’s Plan Or Your Plan : A Long Journey Home My whole motivation about money changed. If money had been a god, I would have fallen to my knees to worship. In a way, that’s what I did because I put getting money ahead of everything else in my life. In Bakersfield, I bought a…

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