Failure is NOT Final

Prison Yard

The world will not understand your faith,in most cases family and friends will turn against you.They won’t understand because they can’t understand. Faith is a deeply personal thing that only God and you are privy to. Faith and doubt are things of the heart and only you and God can go there, walk by faith,…

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The Pain of Losing Children to Divorce

Stevie Ray Hansen

“Let me make this clear,” she said. “We’re not getting back together. I’m going to divorce you. When you get out, you’re not going to see me or the kids.” Months and years had passed serving time in prison, I assumed she had changed her mind about divorcing me or being able to see the…

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God’s Plan or Your Plan

God’s Plan Or Your Plan : A Long Journey Home My whole motivation about money changed. If money had been a god, I would have fallen to my knees to worship. In a way, that’s what I did because I put getting money ahead of everything else in my life. In Bakersfield, I bought a…

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King David Survived His Enemies

Surviving Enemies

King David prayed for deliverance from his enemies. He also prayed they would not disgrace him. David faced Goliath, but Goliath did not turn out to be too much of an enemy as he fell by the first stone David threw. King Saul tried to destroy David too ( StevieRay’s Enemy, Oscar Wyatt ), but…

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Kicked in the Teeth, but still Chewing

Stevie Ray Hansen busting Broncs

But just like riding broncs, finances went up and down. When things were good, we stayed in hotels. When they weren’t so good, we slept in our truck. We’d come here from Phoenix hoping to make big bucks. We weren’t making enough at this rodeo to pay for our gas. I slipped outside the arena…

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